Guide to Taher Shah's 'Eye to Eye' Viral Video

Guide to Taher Shah’s ‘Eye to Eye’ Viral Video

If you’ve had the good fortune of having never seen Pakistani singing sensation Taher Shah‘s ‘Eye to Eye” music video, count your blessings.  If you’ve seen the video and are left confused by what just happened to you, here’s a quick guide to help in the first step of your recovery… “Eye to Eye”: Lyrics, Singer, Produced & Directed by Taher Shah (Catch your breath, he’s about to expose himself):  Don’t let him fool you! Sometimes, he says “my eyes and your eyes”, but what he means is “my eyes and my eyes”:  At other times, Taher gets tired, and Read more…

Boxing Champ Amir Khan's Spring Flings: An Interview

Boxing Champ Amir Khan’s Spring Flings: An Interview

If you came across him on a sidewalk in London, Amir Khan would seem like many other young British desis: shark fin hairstyle, fitted dark blue jeans, fresh white sneakers, and a roar in his eye that tells you he’s trouble if you’re looking for it. But come a little closer and you’ll notice the idiosyncrasies that make him the King: a discerning eye — not judgmental, per se, but aware — a hometown loyalty, and a determination to let his talents be known.  It takes an extraordinary character to achieve what Amir “King” Khan has: an Olympic boxing champion Read more…

Election 2013: The Battle to Stop Imran Khan

Election 2013: The Battle to Stop Imran Khan

When the mighty do not fall, they are felled, but Imran Khan is still going strong despite serious injuries this week at a campaign rally. He’s come a long way since I first interviewed him in 2011: he’s the most important person in Pakistan right now and the biggest election in his country’s history is all about him. Unlike in the United States, campaigning in Pakistan has time limits and the brief period of campaigning ended Thursday at midnight with a massive Islamabad rally for Khan followed by a smaller rally for his main opponent: Mian Nawaz Sharif, the two-time former Read more…

My Exclusive New Interview with Pakistan's Imran Khan: On the US Election, Obama & Drones

My Exclusive New Interview with Pakistan’s Imran Khan: On the US Election, Obama & Drones

  Imran Khan Talks U.S. Election, Drone Strikes Nov 6, 2012 8:21 AM EST   Pakistan’s legendary cricket player turned politician weighs in on what the U.S. election will mean for America’s tense relations with his country. Imran Khan speaks in Urdu to his Pakistani-American audience. When it comes to Pakistani politicians, this makes him a rarity—he’s the first in a generation to do so. Pervez Musharraf, Benazir Bhutto, and Asif Ali Zardari all turned to English when they were abroad, even with Urdu-speaking audiences. Bhutto was famously terrible at speaking her country’s national language. And it’s right there, in those Urdu Read more…

My Interview with Pakistani Politician Imran Khan

My Interview with Pakistani Politician Imran Khan

    He is what many refer to as the most popular politician in Pakistan. He is the leader of Pakistan’s Tehreek-e Insaaf or Movement for Justice political party even though he has no representation in parliament because his party boycotted the last elections in protest against what he felt was the undemocratic government of former President Parvez Musharraf. But Imran Khan is alsoan international celebrity. He is a sports hero who led Pakistan to their only Cricket World Cup victory and he is one of the country’s leading philanthropists. With tens of millions of dollars he raised through fundraisers Read more…

Why the Republicans Ignored Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq & Iran at This Year's Convention

Why the Republicans Ignored Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq & Iran at This Year’s Convention

  Amidst the glorious speeches at the Republican National Convention this election year, there is one subject that has glaringly been missing this time around: the wars that America is currently waging in the Middle East, Africa and South Asia.   Of all of the high profile speeches, only one — John McCain’s — even used the word “Afghanistan” — a country that is the base of the longest-running war in American history. McCain mentioned it in reference to his disappointment that Obama is withdrawing from Afghanistan. Not one has mentioned Iraq — the country that may never recover from the U.S.-allied war that Read more…

Pakistan's Chief Justice Scandal: Exclusive Interview with His Son Arsalan Iftikhar

Pakistan’s Chief Justice Scandal: Exclusive Interview with His Son Arsalan Iftikhar

The saying goes that boys will be boys. The trouble is when men are still boys. The Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Pakistan knows about that all too well. Like a repeat of the 2007 debacle, in which he was fired by then-President Pervez Musharraf under the guise of corruption associated with his son, Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry is once again in the spotlight because of his son. Except this time, it’s not the President who is making the power moves against the Chief Justice, it’s a real estate tycoon with powerful ties.  Malik Riaz Hussain, a Read more…

My Interview with Pakistani Pop Star Shehzad Roy

My Interview with Pakistani Pop Star Shehzad Roy

He was just a teenager when he released his first song, over 15 years later, Shehzad Roy is not only an internationally recognized pop sensation, including soundtracks for popular Bollywood films, but he is also a philanthropist, raising millions for education in Pakistan, through his organization, Zindagi Trust. He spoke with Shirin Sadeghi.  Click Here to Listen to Shirin Sadeghi’s Interview with Shehzad Roy

Benazir Bhutto's Iranian Mother Dies

Benazir Bhutto’s Iranian Mother Dies

Begum Nusrat Ispahani, also known as Nusrat Bhutto, the Iranian-born second wife of former Pakistani Prime Minister Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, was from Esfahan’s wealthy Hariri family dynasty, a merchant line whose family name originates from the word ‘harir’ — a quality silk fabric — and which has prominent branches across the Middle East, notably in Syria. She married Bhutto in 1951 and long after he was executed would speak of their mutual affection. Though she grew up in pre-Partition India (in what later became Pakistan), she was raised with Iranian culture in her home; learning fluent Farsi, eating Iranian food Read more…

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